EMMA’s goal is to preserve Europe’s rich cultural, educational and linguistic heritage by promoting cross-cultural and multilingual learning. If you are from a European educational or cultural institution and you want to deliver a MOOC on the platform the following information aims to answer some of the basic questions that you may have.

1. Why become an EMMA MOOC provider?

Depending on what suits you and your institution best, EMMA offers to our MOOC providers the following:

  • Visibility/Brand extension at a European level by becoming part of an ambitious project
    Additionally, EMMA offers the plus of having translation/transcription services which allow MOOC providers to move beyond language barriers and reach more learners.
  • Outreach and experimentation (institutional experience)
    Bring innovation to your teaching and learning practices.
  • Research learning and teaching
    EMMA offers both a teacher and learner dashboard function which allows you to have a global vision of your MOOC as well as survey services (specific data tracking and learning analytics on a specific MOOC or set of MOOCs for academic purposes).

2. What does it cost to become an EMMA MOOC provider?

MOOCs on EMMA are offered for free to learners. EMMA provides free MOOC hosting1 for selected providers.

Additional services that EMMA provides:

  • Special tracking requests
  • Special research focus requests
  • New feature development
  • Research & Analysis reports

3. How to become an EMMA MOOC provider:

Step 1

Fill out the EMMA_New_MOOC_Proposal form and send it to: newprovider@europeanmoocs.eu

Step 2

Your proposal will be evaluated by the EMMA selection committee. The following criteria will be used to assess whether an organisation or project or single teacher is suitable to become an EMMA MOOC provider:

Criteria Description

Alignment with the EMMA principles

The following are the core principles for the EMMA project: focus on European member states, with an approach that is multicultural, open, accessible and ethically sound. In addition the MOOC provider must be willing to cite the EMMA project in their own dissemination activities, related to this MOOC.

The quality of the content and  added activities.

The MOOC should be based on good pedagogical principles, including: clear learning outcomes/objectives, a clear learning pathway, an indication of activity timings, effective use of text, audio and video, and clear assessment elements (if included). The material should also not infringe any copyright law. Further guidance on creating good quality content and activities can be found in EMMA’s good practice guide in the design of MOOCs to be made available shortly.
Expertise of the MOOC provider The MOOC provider should be able to attest to their knowledge and expertise in the chosen topic, be affiliated in an academic discipline (ERC classification) and/or be a distinguished expert or authority in the topic/discipline.
The MOOC should be delivered in one of the languages currently supported by EMMA Languages supported at the moment based on transcription: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Estonian and Catalan. Languages supported at the moment based on translation: English to Spanish, Italian and Catalan. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Estonian and Catalan to English.
Attendance at the EMMA Summer School Additional priority will be given to MOOC providers who are willing to attend the EMMA Summer School.
Resources The MOOC provider should provide evidence that they have sufficient human resources to design and deliver the MOOC. In addition they should be prepared to work within the necessary timescale constrains for example time to complete transcription and translation. They should also show willingness and flexibility to adapt their MOOC to fit the EMMA platform if necessary


Step 3

When the evaluation is done the EMMA team will contact you to discuss your proposal.


1 EMMA is a pilot initiative running from February 2014 to July 2016, after July 2016 it cannot be guaranteed that your MOOC can be hosted for free.