Discover what being digital really means – a new MOOC from EMMA

Digital Dis-courses is a new 12 part MOOC freely available on the EMMA platform starting from 19 September 2016 which aims to tackle the fundamental question of what it means to be digital. Each of the 12 lessons in this MOOC is led by a distinguished expert in the field of digital culture who will present their own thoughts on what it means to have a digital persona, exploring notions like the digital unconscious, cyberspace relationships, digital identity and connected knowledge. During their modules they will take us through the changing landscape of self, society and technology, transforming hopes and criticism into valuable food for thought. The format is a classic MOOC format with a video lecture and accompanying text-based content. Each expert offers a lesson in their specialist field, and the lessons combine to give an overview of the development of digital culture in recent times. Each lesson is accompanied by links to other materials recommended by the expert. Interaction is encouraged in the Conversation Forum.

You can find out more and enroll here

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