The May EMMA Newsletter is out!

In this newsletter we look to the future, where we are now and what will happen next, or in other words: How to make a European MOOC platform sustainable? Read more in our feature article by EMMA partners Carmen L. Padrón-Nápoles & Lydia Montandon from ATOS, Spain. This week you can also join us online for two different webinars on using Europeana collections and social media in EMMA MOOCs. Find further info and links below!

Meanwhile a new set of MOOCs has been launched on EMMA. In the MOOC FlotRisCoavailable for French and English speakers, you will develop a better understanding of coastal risks and vulnerability. In Assessment for learning in practice you get hands-on experience designing your own formative assessment tools. The new edition of the Open Wine University offers an in-depth look at the universe of vine and wine, wine tasting included! Coming soon – new MOOCs for teachers and trainers: Guerrilla Literacy Learners launches this weekSocial and General Pedagogy at the end of this month and a new edition of Philosophy for Children will start in July. 

Enjoy reading and we hope to see you in one of our online or offline events ;)

Read the April newsletter here!

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