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Social media can be really useful for MOOC providers for two different but related reasons. The first is that social media channels provide vitally important ways to attract participants to the MOOC, highlighting the content and purpose of the MOOC to a wide variety of potentially interested participants. The second is that during the MOOC they can provide familiar channels for interaction and can be used as a way to really engage with large numbers of users. Join this webinar to hear more about how you can use social media successfully in your MOOC.


Eleonora Pantò

Eleonora Pantò, CSP, Italy

Eleonora Pantò is Learning, Inclusion and Social Innovation Program Developer at CSP. Eleonora worked in CSP since 2000 in various initiatives linked to innovative use of technology in education and digital communities. She managed the digital identity of CSP, designing and managing the social media strategy, with a special focus on video productions.
She is President of Media & Learning Association that promotes use of media in education and the Director of the Dschola Association that provides training and technological support to all the regional school system in Piedmont, Italy.
She worked in several EU co-financed project related to ICT and education: the most recent are EMMA, about Moocs, JamToday about games in education, BooGames for videogames industry and Medea2020. Finally, she is actively involved in promoting Open Education Resources and she is part of the scientific committee of ONG2.0, a project for advanced use of web and ICT in international cooperation and MuPin, an association for the creation of a regional museum of history of informatics in Italy.


Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium

An Irish national with a background in remedial linguistics, Sally first worked in radio and television in Ireland as a presenter and producer for the national broadcaster, RTE. From 1990 onwards, she worked in technology enhanced learning networks in Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium and was programme manager for Online Educa Berlin (1996-2008) and for eLearning Africa (2006-2009). She is a Director of ATiT which she co-founded in 1999 where she leads on dissemination work for several EU projects including SAILS, EMMA and Inspiring Science Education and has considerable experience in all levels of European project management from concept through to validation. Sally leads in the organization of the annual Media & Learning Conference and is actively engaged in the related MEDEA Awards and Media and Learning Association. Sally is an experienced editor, event manager and European dissemination strategist.


Olga Firssova, WELTEN Institute, The Netherlands

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