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Providing multilingual access to your MOOCs is a key aspect in the European context, since it lowers the language barrier and significantly increases the number of potential students who can enroll in your courses. However, the cost of manually translating the content of a course into a second language can be too high to be afforded. The EMMA platform provides a service for the automatic transcription and translation of courses that aims at reducing by half the cost of having your course translated into a second language. In this webinar, the transcription and translation services of the EMMA platform are described and first-hand user experience is discussed.


Jorge Civera, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Jorge Civera

Dr. Jorge Civera is an assistant professor of computer science at the UPV. His research interests include pattern recognition and its application to statistical machine translation, speech recognition, and handwriting recognition. He is co-author of 10 articles in international journals and more than 20 articles in international conferences. He has been involved in 4 European projects and more than 10 Spanish projects. He led a Spanish research project on interactive machine translation and speech transcription of educational content.

He is currently the principal investigator at UPV of the EU project EMMA, after having been the project manager of the European project transLectures.

Ruth Kerr, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy
Ruth Kerr

Ruth has worked in ESL for many years, involved in teacher training and course design as well as exam preparation courses. In recent years, she has worked as a language lecturer at the University of Naples and was part of the team that developed online learning at the Federico II University Language Centre. She has also translated numerous books, articles and websites for various faculties.
Her role at Federica is editing learning content on various areas of the site and translating course materials into English, before focusing on PR and Internationalisation. She has recently worked as a part of the team that designed and presented the EMMA project.


Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium

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