New EMMA webinars on MOOC design in March!

The EMMA webinar series features talks with experts in the MOOC world about various topics including trends in Europe, good practice in MOOC design, the use of social media and videos, creating multilingual MOOCs, learning analytics and much more. The webinar series also gives you a chance to learn how the EMMA platform works and how you can design your own MOOC on EMMA.

On Tuesday 1 March we will talk about providing multilingual access to your MOOCs which is a key aspect in the European context, since it lowers the language barrier and significantly increases the number of potential students who can enroll in your courses. However, the cost of manually translating the content of a course into a second language can be too high to be afforded. The EMMA platform provides a service for the automatic transcription and translation of courses that aims at reducing by half the cost of having your course translated into a second language. In this webinar, the transcription and translation services of the EMMA platform are described and first-hand user experience is discussed.

On Tuesday 10 March the session focuses around the task-centred approach to MOOC design, often MOOCs tend to follow an instructivist approach where learners are mostly expected to acquire and remember the knowledge presented by the teacher. This webinar will guide participants through the phases of Merrill’s task-centered instructional design model. We will show how the model can be applied to MOOC design for engaging learners in active and collaborative knowledge construction through meaningful and practical assignments. Opportunities that task-centered MOOC design offers and challenges that need to be considered will be discussed. Join us for one of these webinars, we are looking forward to your ideas! Find the upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars on this page.

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