How big data is managed in EMMA

We collect different data about our participants when they are using the EMMA platform by asking them to complete a survey, by gathering the personal information they provide in their profiles and by collating data about how they use the platform as part of their learning activities referred to as learning analytics data.

We track data about their visits to different pages and the amount of time they spend on different types of digital content. We also track data about their contributions to the MOOC in the form of blogposts, comments and discussion inputs. Their performance related to assignments and quizzes is also monitored and measured by us. And finally we are interested in the multilingual EMMA approach and so also study in which way MOOC participants use the different language options available in the platform.

We use this information to personalize the platform for participants and MOOC facilitators by developing dashboards for different parties. This information is also being used to enhance pedagogical intervention and to improve the design of MOOCs in the future.

We care about the confidentiality and security of users’ personal information in EMMA. No personal data is being shown to other participants. General visualisations shown to other learners is based on aggregated data. EMMA will take precautions to ensure data is anonymised, stored securely and safely and can’t be accessed by third parties. No data will be knowingly made available to other people outside the project. Data for evaluation purposes will only be made available to those researchers of EMMA project that are responsible for the evaluation.

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