EPortfolio MOOC presented at EADTU conference

Results of the EPortfolio Self-development Study MOOC delivered through the EMMA platform were discussed during a Workshop held in the recent EADTU 2015 conference in Hagen.


A specific session titled “OERs and MOOCs on ePortfolios”, animated by two members of the EMMA project, Lourdes Guàrdia and Marcelo Maina, explored the experience of a MOOC focused on learners, teachers, practitioners, educational institutions, employers and organizations interested in implementing an ePortfolio for the first time or in enhancing their current practices.

This MOOC provides an entry point to the topic for non-expert users, including the conceptual and instrumental knowledge for the creation of an ePortfolio strategy.


Throughout seven modules, the MOOC addresses ePortfolios in many different aspects, starting with the basic understanding of the concept, moving through its purpose, strategy, design, evaluation, and support to a systemic change in an organization.

A non-traditional approach to MOOC based on customizable learning paths and instrumented scaffold learning tests the affordances of the EMMA platform for flexibility and scalability.The EADTU conference took place at Hagen, hosted by the FernUniversität Hagen, on 29-30 October.

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