Bootcamp EMMA MOOC Assessment for learning in practice at EDEN

assessmentA special bootcamp training on the topic of Assessment for learning in practice, one of the EMMA MOOCs, will be organised prior or at the EDEN Conference. The MOOC Assessment for learning in practice introduces you to the concept of formative assessment and provides hands-on experiences of designing instruments for assessment for learning. The MOOC is in first instance aimed at teachers and educationalists, but can be followed by anyone who would like to learn about formative assessment and apply it in practice. In the bootcamp you get an introduction to the EMMA platform, this will be combined with learning activities relevant to the topic of Formative Assessment. The learning materials consist of short introduction texts, interviews with experts and learning activities and assignments that you can find on the EMMA platform. Several of these activities will be included in the F2F session at the EDEN conference.

The MOOC will last 7 – 8 weeks, the training during the EDEN conference up to 2 hours. Trainers are Olga Firssova and Francis Brouns from the Open University of the Netherlands, Welten Institute
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The MOOC is availble on EMMA at:

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