25 People from 13 countries take part in EMMA workshop at EDEN

It was a challenge to fit in all that the team had prepared for the EMMA workshop at the EDEN Conference in Barcelona last week – but we managed to get through quite a lot during this 90 minute session. Deborah Arnold led the EMMA team managing this workshop which included Jessica Chao from UOC, Maka Eradze from UNINA and Sally Reynolds from ATiT. Deborah kicked of the workshop with a quick-fire overview of the steps and considerations people need to take when setting off on a MOOC adventure and managed to capture many of the key drivers and good practices worth considering. Participants then worked together in small groups to have a try at developing their own MOOC ideas which highlighted lots of issues and points for discussion. The slides shown are available here.

EDEN 2015 – EMMA workshop "An introduction to MOOC design" from EUmoocs

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