The October Newsletter of EMMA is out!

EMMA has a brand new look this autumn which we hope you like! We think it’s really important for our leading lady to be dressed in the latest fashion and thanks to the great design skills of our lead partner in UNINA – EMMA is now even more stylish as well as more efficient than before. The catalogue of EMMA MOOCs is gradually growing with the launch of 2 new MOOCs in October on Assessment and Copyright and a re-issue of 7 existing MOOCs – while the number of users on the platform has now gone over 7000. The technical team have been busy and the translation and transcription services are now fully integrated in the platform and teachers can now access a brand new dashboard which provides them with the latest analytics related to their MOOC. We are keen to attract new MOOC providers and our partner UOC are busy streamlining this process – so contact us if you want to know more about being an EMMA MOOC provider.
Read this an more News in the October Newsletter.

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