The June Newsletter of EMMA is out!

The last few months have been a really busy period for the EMMA team. On 16 and 17 June the EMMA consortium held its partner meeting in Tallinn, meanwhile a new round of MOOCs was launched in May and June, they included the very popular Open Wine University from University of Burgundy in France and the first tri-lingual MOOCs: EPortfolio Self-development Study, Excel 2010 and Search on the Internet. The number of enrollments continues to increase with over 4000 people enrolled in EMMA MOOCs today. Work to streamline the production process is underway to make it easier for new MOOC providers to insert their MOOCs onto the EMMA platform while also using the translation and transcription service. Planning for the delivery of the first EMMA summer school is also coming to a head. The summer school is organised as a co-delivery experience with novice MOOC designers working alongside experienced MOOC providers to create a number of new MOOCs for delivery in the second half of 2015.
Read this an more News in the June Newsletter.

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