The July Newsletter of EMMA is out!

The last academic year has been an active one for the EMMA team, in total 17 MOOCs were launched on topics as diverse as the countries our learners come from. Members of the EMMA team have taken part in many events including eMOOCs, EDEN and EADTU and 2015 – 2016 will bring lots more opportunities for an active MOOC debate. At the beginning of this month the EMMA Summer School was held alongside the 11th JTEL Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning. Interested new MOOC providers gathered for a week on the beautiful island Ischia in Italy, where they worked on their own MOOC design and learned about good pedagogical frameworks, data tracking, translation services, social media, video use and learning analytics. The participants presented their MOOC design on the last day of the workshop, many of them will be ready for launch during the second year of EMMA. Read more about the Summer School in this Newsletter and find links to interesting sessions further down. Interested in launching a MOOC yourself? Don’t wait and learn how to become an EMMA MOOC provider on this page.

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