Summer School session on use of OER in MOOCs

Representatives from Federica Web Learning, Evelina Bruno, Ilaria Merciai and Miriana Tizzani, with the support of Annamaria Tammaro (University of Parma), led participants through the world of OER in general, clarifying differences in licensing definitions (e.g. Creative Commons vs Royalty Free). More than 250 professors from the University of Naples, Federico II, deliver courses in open courseware or MOOC format via the Federica WebLearning platforms. Digital media are a main driver in the process of generating Langer’s creative, elastic and appealing type of instruction and the Federica team are constantly called upon by their professors to support course creation by providing a rich source of external multimedia resources, images and links, which are clear of copyright issues.

Participants were reminded of the variety of images available thanks to digital media, (infographics, graphs, microscope photography, GIS etc.) as well as open source tools to create them. The presenters introduced their favourite OER banks of images, videos, resources and lesson creation tools before opening up the floor for a useful knowledge-sharing session, which produced a comprehensive list of resources and ideas about how to classify them (see below).


You can find the presentation of this session here.

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