EMMA progress – EMMA Project getting down to business

Since May, the focus of work for all partners has been to prepare a platform fit and ready to support the first 10 MOOCs due to be launched in September. This work is led by UNINA who are responsible for platform adaptation and systems integration which includes also UPV, IPSOS, CSP and TLU component developers and University of Leicester as leaders of the pilot implementation work. This is a task not without challenges given the different nature and structure of the MOOCs that need to be accommodated. Work to assess the suitability of the platform to meet the needs of the MOOC providers is led by ATOS who have been painstakingly reviewing the functionality of the platform according as it develops and working closely with UNINA to adjust and adapt where possible and necessary. Usability testing is ongoing and several deliverables have been finalised in this period including the project risk analysis, the pilot engagement plan and the first series of dissemination materials. Presentation of the project to outside interest groups has continued apace and there have been presentations about EMMA in several international events. The support and interest in the work of EMMA shown by the Italian Minister of Education is a particular highspot of the dissemination activities in recent months.

Find this update and all the past ones in our Progress page.

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