EMMA progress – EMMA opens its doors with the first round of MOOCs

Seven out of the first ten planned MOOCs launched in October which was the high spot of this last period. Topics ranged from the Organisation of Cultural Enterprises provided by UNINA to Searching on the Internet from UPV and by the beginning of November over 1000 people had enrolled on one of the first pilot MOOCs. A lot of ‘learning while doing’ is taking place amongst the project team as the various services and functionalities linked to the platform start to roll-out, At the same time the team continues to promote EMMA amongst stakeholders and policy-makers and EMMA was represented at several important events in this last period. The first newsletters were circulated to a growing community of people interested in keeping abreast with how the platform is evolving. Furthermore the first steps were taken in building a collaborative network initiated by EMMA amongst European projects and initiatives active in MOOC developments and also in preparing for the first EMMA Summer School due to be held in 2015.

Find this update and all the past ones in our Progress page.

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