EMMA presented @ #LearnTec

Today, Wilfred Rubens from EMMA-partner OUNL provided a presentation about the EMMA-project at the LearnTec-conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. The LearnTec is one of Europe’s high level conferences on technology enhanced learning.

Wilfred discussed the aims and perspective of EMMA, the development of the EMMA-platform and several challenges EMMA is facing. For example the challenge to train translation software to become familiar with additional languages like Dutch. Or the fact that existing massive open online courses have to be redesigned, because of the use of the EMMA-platform that differs from the original MOOC-platform that was used for different MOOCs.

One of the questions was about the biggest challenge for EMMA. According to Wilfred that is the cultural interpretation of tramnslations. Translated expressions may have a different meaning. For example: “it’s raining cats and dogs” means something different in Dutch than “it rains a lot”.

Below you can find the presentation Wilfred Rubens used.

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