EMMA paper selected for flipped classroom presentation at eMOOCs 2015

The eMOOCs2015 conference has selected the paper “Supporting language diversity of European MOOCs with the EMMA platform” by Francis Brouns and Marco Kalz from the Welten Institute of the Open Universiteit and Nicolás Serrano, Jorge Civera, and Alfons Juan from MLLP of Universitat Politècnica de València for a flipped classroom presentation. In the month running up to the eMOOCs2015 conference this paper along with 4 other selected papers will be discussed in a pre-conference MOOC “ConfX: EMOOCs 2015 Open Conference”. This MOOC is not only open to the eMOOCs2015 conference participants, but will be opened to the public.

MOOCs are by definition open and tend to attract participants from all over the world. In our paper we argue that MOOCs therefore have to be multilingual and multicultural in order to meet the learning goals of the participants. We present the automatic machine translation service that is being developed in EMMA as a means to translate MOOC contents, as possible solution to generate subtitles for videos in the native language and in English, or other languages.

To trigger discussion and interaction in the MOOC we put the following statements to the participants:
• Designing MOOCs to be multilingual and multicultural is feasible
• Automatic translation allows learners to make use of MOOCs as multilingual sources for learning
• Human intervention is needed to improve the quality of automatic translation
Questions are provided to challenge the participants in forming an opinion and providing their feedback.
Hastags for this MOOC are #flip #eMOOCs

You can find the EMOOCs 2015 Open Conference MOOC here.
More information about the eMOOCS conference you can find on the eMOOCS website.

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