The Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) was funded in 1994 to foster Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) opportunities for higher education. It is a worldwide pioneer in virtual university and whose main goal is that every person satisfies their training and education needs, making their effort as profitable as possible, regardless of where they are and optimising their time. UOC has a top quality team of professionals that provide all the necessary higher education services to more than 60000 students. It is engaged in the development of online learning programs targeting market oriented educational solutions involving HE and LLL, included VET education. UOC fosters cooperation and exchange within its university community and with other universities, institutions, the business community and civil society, whilst at the same time forging international alliances to enable sharing and learning. The research, essentially carried out by faculty, currently focuses on the areas of the arts and humanities; social sciences; health sciences; technology and communication: identity, culture, art and society; technology and social action; globalisation, legal pluralism and human rights; taxation, labour relations and social benefits; internet, digital technologies and new media; information and communication systems and services, and information and communication management.

There are two particularly important areas in the University’s scientific activity: the Information and Knowledge Society, and e-learning. All this activity is channelled through the two research institutes: the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and the eLearn Center (eLC).

Role in EMMA

UOC will contribute to the development and analysis of the pilot experience (prototype and course structure), and its evaluation, especially considering what the users do and what and how they learn. In addition, UOC will provides two MOOCs that will be included in the project and will provide evaluation outcomes based on the experience. Drawing on its wide network and well-known position in the field UOC will also provide a significant contribution to the dissemination of the outcomes of the project.

UOC Team

  • Albert Sangrà
  • Marcelo Maina
  • Lourdes Guàrdia
  • Carles Garrigues
  • Teresa Romeu
  • David Masip
  • Marc Romero
  • Ana Rodera



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