The University Federico II of Naples was established in 1224 as the first publicly funded university in Europe. It offers courses in practically every existing academic discipline, leading to one hundred and fifty-five graduate level degrees. Research facilities provide support for all these courses. Students have the chance not only to pursue intellectual development but also the possibility to acquire professional skills. Current student enrollment is close to 97,000 with 3,100 academic personnel, at this time. The Federico II University’s educational network is aiming at establishing a life-long, high level of professional training programmes while at the same time maintaining its so far excellent results in the fields of education and research. A recent addition to this network is Federica, the Web Learning portal which offers free and open access to a range of academic knowledge for blended learning opportunities for Federico II students and providing high quality learning content to a wide and diverse public in Italy and beyond.

Role in EMMA

The University of Naples has a large experience in project development in the e-learning area and also in innovation and ICT for social inclusion. It will coordinate the project and also pilot the aggregator with its own MOOCs.

UNINA team

  • Mauro Calise
  • Rosanna De Rosa
  • Monica Zuccarini
  • Ruth Kerr
  • Ilaria Merciai



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