CSP is a research organization, working on ICT applied research and industrial development. CSP is non-profit and has public and private shareholders, including the Piemonte Regional Government and main Universities. Since 1999, CSP has been performing the technology transfer of its R&D outputs to local communities, SMEs, PAs, schools and education player. CSP works in cooperation with academia and SMEs in collaborative research projects and with user communities in Living Labs. CSP has been active in several EU projects, as partner or associated partner, in 13 projects, with 80 international partners from 20 member states in the last five years.

In the learning sector, since 1998 CSP has promoted ICT and Media in education both in EU and regional projects. CSP has been supporting the ICT introduction in schools (through the Dschola project at local level and also in Latin America) and at higher education level, through a research lab called KEILab (Knowledge Exchange Initiative) for promoting the Creative Commons licenses and the OER approach, in collaboration with the University of Torino. At local level, CSP has managed the School and University actions within the regional WiPie broadband program. CSP is a founding member of the Media & Learning Association and of the EICI Interest Group.

Role in EMMA

CSP will play a key role in WP2 and to the MOOC deployment with particular reference to setup and deployment of the “EMMA tracking system”, the solution for tracking the users’ activities and interaction. Moreover, in reference to this “EMMA tracking system”, CSP will contribute to “WP3 – Pilot operation”, in order to assist the users during the pilot deployment.  “WP4 – Pilot evaluation”, as part of the “learning analytic team” in order to implement the data collection and to assess the operational feasibility of the needed metrics, “WP5- MOOC deployment”, in order to ease the integration of the “EMMA tracking system” within the EMMA platform and “WP7-­‐Exploitation and sustainability”, with particular reference to the technology transfer issue.

CSP Team

  • Eleonora Pantò
  • Lara Marcellin
  • Roberto Politi




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