ATiT is an audio-visual and information technologies company specialising in the integration of Information and Communications Technologies in the Educational and Cultural sectors. Based in Belgium where it is registered as a bvba since 1999, ATiT operates with a small full-time staff and a network of associates in different parts of Europe. ATiT staff offers independent project management, technology integration and consultancy services to a variety of clients, partners, companies and agencies like the EC and the ESA as well as global clients like the World Bank. ATiT has been instrumental in launching the annual MEDEA Awards and currently provide the secretarial support services to these annual awards which encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media (audio, video, graphics and animation) in education. They also manage the annual Media & Learning conference in partnership with the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training.

ATiT has been involved in the design of pedagogical scenarios and the management of pilot trials for the EduTubePlus project and in testing out scenarios of use in schools for EUscreen which contains over 30,000 video clips generated by European broadcasters. Furthermore, ATiT staff provides production and consultancy support in the developing world and have worked in projects in support of the African Association of Distance Learning Centres, the Ministry of Local Government in the Philippines and the Global Distance Learning Network of the World Bank.

ATiT also provide production support to a variety of organisations which includes setting up extensive medical relay networks, launching and supporting portal sites and creating interactive information resources. They are experienced in all types of communication and dissemination actions that includes the use of both traditional and social media based channels.

Role in EMMA

ATiT will lead the dissemination work package as well as playing an active role in the other work packages of the project. The staff who will lead this work in ATiT have considerable experience in all aspects of promotion and dissemination from planning through to delivery and including web site development, event management, social media management, promotional activities, editorial support and media creation. ATiT will also draw on its experience in technology enhanced learning generally to support the project in the realisation of its goals by providing links with relevant organisations in this sector.

ATiT Team

  • Mathy Vanbuel
  • Sally Reynolds
  • Joasia van Kooten
  • Peter Andries



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