MOOC Design: a Writers’ Workshop

Will take place on Friday, 16th January 2015, in the London Knowledge Lab

As the MOOC hype settles, and we start climbing “the slope of enlightenment”, a body of knowledge is shaping on how to design MOOCs for effective and efficient teaching and learning experiences. The aim of the MOOC design project is to begin consolidating this knowledge into a semi-structured coherent and robust design language.
Our previous workshops brought together a variety of MOOC designers, facilitators and participants, and engaged them in a process of collaborative reflection – which led to the articulation of their insights in a set of design narratives and design patterns. The aim of this workshop is to refine those narratives and patterns, and bring them to publishable form. To this end, we will follow a modified version of the writers’ workshop model. As the Hillside site notes:

The writers workshop format is a particularly effective method to review, evaluate, and improve pattern descriptions. The general structure of a writers workshop has a group of “discussants” read the paper carefully before the session. During the workshop the discussants examine the strengths and weaknesses of each paper, accentuating positive aspects and suggesting improvements in content and style.

At the end of the workshop, we will consider a range of publication options. While we expect most of the contributions to come from the participants of previous workshops, we are open to new contributions – as long as these address the themes of the project and follow the form and structure below.

More info:

Dates and Submission
Deadline: Monday, 5th January 2015.
Notification: Within one week of submission (submit earlier – and you will be notified earlier)
Shepherding: From notification until the workshop date
Workshop: 16th January 2015
Please submit your papers via:
Please register via email to: s.warburton[AT]

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