M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs

Internet Graduation Flat Icon IllustrationComing up this Thursday 9 April (14:30 CET), the new M&L webinar “Exploring different video formats in MOOCs” will illustrate how videos are used in Massive Open Online Courses and which characteristics and design a video content should have to be effective in a MOOC.

In recent years, MOOCs have enjoyed one of the fastest uptakes ever seen in higher education, and some consider them as a very intriguing alternative to more the traditional lecture-based instruction. The most effective MOOCs make creative use of a variety of educational strategies and frequently use multimedia to demonstrate complex subjects.

Fourth of the year, this one-hour M&L webinar will highlight the use of videos in MOOCs and how to improve their value and format. Specifically, participants will hear from two individuals immersed in the field: Deborah Arnold from University of Burgundy and Annemarie Zand Scholten from University of Amsterdam.

M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs

Thursday 9 April 2015 14:30 -15:30 CET (Check your timezone here)

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More info: http://association.media-and-learning.eu/portal/article/ml-webinar-exploring-different-video-formats-moocs

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