Europe must seize this moment to grab the opportunities offered by MOOCs

The HOME-EADTU report “Institutional MOOC strategies in Europe” published in February 2015 indicated that a majority of European institutions is planning to develop a MOOC soon. The report presents data on the perception and objectives of European higher education institutions on MOOCs
and the main drivers behind the MOOC movement. In addition, the report makes a comparison with similar studies conducted in the United States in 2013 and 2014 and to data produced by the European University Association (EUA) between October and December 2013. The survey shows an increasing involvement in the MOOC movement by European institutions for higher education. But at the same time it is observed that the MOOC movement is (commercially) dominated by the United States through both the number of course offerings and leading service providers. THe HOME-EADTU report can be found here.

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