EMMA progress – Brand new look for EMMA

With the launch of the new October campaign, EMMA partners also released a new interface with a fresh and we hope even more attractive look. Not only does the platform have a new look but it is also far more sophisticated with the integration of not only the translation and transcription services but also more elaborated learning analytics with a new dashboard designed to make the job of MOOC teacher and manager far simpler. The catalogue of EMMA MOOCs is also growing with the launch of 2 new MOOCs in October on Assessment and Copyright and a re-issue of 7 existing MOOCs – while the number of validated users on the platform has now gone over 7000. Work to attract new MOOC providers continues apace and UOC who are responsible for leading in this area have been very busy streamlining this process. Last but not least we also launched our new video competition in recent weeks – so look out for the results of the #ILikeEMMA video contest coming your way soon.

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